oh no someone please help me i can’t afford another manic online shopping spreeeEEEEEEE AHHHHH BUT IM ADDICTED TO GLAMOUR

Going fucking delusional. I feel like an idiot. I feel so fucking stupid when I get excited about something and then it doesn’t happen and it shatter my heart in two. I hate that I care. It makes me feel so fucking dumb. I hate that such small things can make me so upset.
I’m still such a child at heart. I feel so intensely. Sometimes it’s just too much for me to handle. Well, nows a good time to work on some videos and art, I guess. Oh, and I FINALLY got some more of my portfolio together (paintings, photography, mixed media) so expect LOTS of new work.

"U Tell ‘Em"
back in 2011 with my puss
Learning German

Ich bin eine Frau.

hey everyone, been gone from the internet the past few days, but am back now! will be getting back to all of you today, and shipping out all packages this coming monday. thanks for being the best! 

xx Molly